Thy Kingdom Come 2017 - Pentecost

Sunday, 4 June

I am writing to encourage you to travel to Hereford for the afternoon of Sunday 4 June, Pentecost Sunday, and to bring others with you. I am excited about the potential of a large group of people of all ages and from all over the Diocese gathering in the Cathedral. This is part of our Diocesan response to the Archbishops’ call for a wave of prayer. I fully appreciate that for some joining in means a long journey, but there is a real reason for being together in one place at Pentecost - and to ask for the gift of the Holy Spirit as we pray, “Thy Kingdom come”.

I am sending an information sheet with this letter that gives more detail about the event. Our prayer, picnic and praise will be based on the phrases of the Lord’s Prayer and I hope as many of you as possible will be able to join in the whole event. I have asked Kay Garlick to shape the prayer and praise and she has drawn together a group of musicians to lead the singing.

It will greatly help the vergers and others preparing the afternoon to have a rough idea of numbers. Please send an email to my Secretary, Gail James, g.james@hereford., to let us know approximately how many adults and children are coming from your parish.

I look forward to welcoming you on 4 June. Do find something red to wear and don’t forget to bring your picnic.

With all good wishes,

Richard +

A letter from the Bishop of Hereford