Keeping in Touch with Your Cathedral

Spending a few days in East Sussex after Christmas, I was reminded by friends how difficult it is for them to keep in touch with their cathedral at Chichester - parishioners living in Rye are 85 miles from their cathedral and closer to 5 others, including one in France! Hereford doesn’t have quite such extreme distances, but I know, having walked the course, that Alberbury is 60 miles from Hereford and Telford isn’t much nearer.

But at the cathedral, we consider it a priority that all parishes can feel in touch in some way and it might be worth highlighting how we can all achieve this:

1.  Through prayer. Every benefice is contacted as we approach the day when parishes are to be remembered in prayers at the cathedral, so that you know that your community is being lifted in prayer at the Mother Church on a particular day. We welcome representatives from parishes on these days - if you let us know, we can arrange for one of your clergy or Readers, if they are coming, to robe and read a lesson at Evensong.

2.  Through special events. In the past year, several deaneries have arranged gatherings at the cathedral - an evening function, with some quiet worship and a glass of wine afterwards. This year, we are arranging two evening functions with the Friends of the cathedral - worship, then supper. And what about Confirmation? In the past, clergy have brought groups to the cathedral, perhaps to attend Evensong and to have a guided tour of the building beforehand.

3.  Through diocesan silver. The cathedral holds a large amount of parishes’ silver/plate, for safe-keeping. While unable to keep all this silver on display, Canon Chancellor,

Chris Fullin, arranges regular exhibitions of small amounts of plate. Parishes whose silver is displayed are always informed and it may provide another reason for making a visit to Hereford?

4.  Through becoming a Friend of the Cathedral or member of Hereford Cathedral Perpetual Trust.

Details of both are on the cathedral website and we always welcome new members - an ideal way of showing your support for our Mother Church.

So, please be assured of our prayers for you all - as we are conscious of your regular prayer for all of us at the cathedral. Do try to arrange a visit during 2016 - you’ll be assured of a warm welcome!

Michael Tavinor

A letter from the Dean of Hereford

February  2016